Electric Guitar & Bass Repairs


Electric Guitar Services

Service TypeDescriptionPrice
Re-string Electric GuitarLabour cost of string replacement on a 6 string electric guitar. Does not include cost of strings$15
Setup and Re-string Electric GuitarIncludes mandatory re-string. Does not include cost of strings. Standard tuning (EADGBE) will be used unless customer specifies alternate tuning. There is an additional charge of $10.00 for labour in the case of a floating or locking tremolo ('whammy').$60
Setup and Re-string Floyd Rose TremThis is a full setup on a locking tremolo system (Floyd Rose, for example). Standard tuning (EADGBE) will be used unless customer specifies an alternate tuning.$80
Install Pickup (each)Installation of new pickup (and removal of previous pickup where needed). Does not include cost of new pickup. Custom wiring may require additional charge.$40
Install Coil-tapDoes not include parts. Service only available on coil-tap ready pickups.$35
Install VCCDoes not include parts. Available only on coil-tap pickups. Bypasses stock tone control. Additional charges may apply for custom wiring.$60
Re-string electric bassLabour for re-string of 4 or 5 string electric bass guitar. Cost of strings not included.$15
Setup Bass GuitarRe-string is considered mandatory and is included in cost of service. Standard setup is designed for low action playing on the bass.$60