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Electric Guitar & Bass Repairs

Electric Guitar Services

Service TypeDescriptionPrice
Re-string Electric GuitarLabour cost of string replacement on a 6 string electric guitar. Does not include cost of strings$15
Setup and Re-string Electric GuitarIncludes mandatory re-string. Does not include cost of strings. Standard tuning (EADGBE) will be used unless customer specifies alternate tuning. There is an additional charge of $10.00 for labour in the case of a floating or locking tremolo ('whammy').$60
Setup and Re-string Floyd Rose TremThis is a full setup on a locking tremolo system (Floyd Rose, for example). Standard tuning (EADGBE) will be used unless customer specifies an alternate tuning.$80
Install Pickup (each)Installation of new pickup (and removal of previous pickup where needed). Does not include cost of new pickup. Custom wiring may require additional charge.$40
Install Coil-tapDoes not include parts. Service only available on coil-tap ready pickups.$35
Install VCCDoes not include parts. Available only on coil-tap pickups. Bypasses stock tone control. Additional charges may apply for custom wiring.$60
Re-string electric bassLabour for re-string of 4 or 5 string electric bass guitar. Cost of strings not included.$15
Setup Bass GuitarRe-string is considered mandatory and is included in cost of service. Standard setup is designed for low action playing on the bass.$60

Mike Lezarre Innovations Music Guitar Tech

Mike Lezarre

Mike Lezarre has been repairing musical instruments for 26 years. In 1988 Mike earned his Luthier certification from Timeless Instruments School of Luthierie.

For 18 years Mike had been the house guitar tech for Mothers Music in Edmonton, until they closed their doors in 2011.

Mike works at our location in South Edmonton, providing luthierie, repairs, setups, fret work, and custom guitar work.