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Fret Ends - A Guitar Repair Blog

The Full Shred - Seymour Duncan

The other day I picked up a guitar that I hadn't played in years. I plugged it in and went "wow" this thing sounds amazing! Turns out it had one of my favorite pickups, the Full Shred. I really enjoyed how the amp was breaking up and the upper harmonics sounded very musical. If you've ever sang through different microphones you've probably noticed that your voice sounded different in every one. Guitars and pickups work in the same fashion. Your guitar has a voice and the pickup is its microphone. If you have a guitar that is very bright and thin, and you want to fatten it up or reduce its shrillness, look for a pickup that adds bass and mids with not so much treble. Find the right pickup, you may be amazed!

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Mike Lezarre Innovations Music Guitar Tech

Mike Lezarre

Mike Lezarre has been repairing musical instruments for 26 years. In 1988 Mike earned his Luthier certification from Timeless Instruments School of Luthierie.

For 18 years Mike had been the house guitar tech for Mothers Music in Edmonton, until they closed their doors in 2011.

Mike works at our location in South Edmonton, providing luthierie, repairs, setups, fret work, and custom guitar work.