1-watt Tube Guitar Amplifier Head with 2 Channels, High/Low Power Modes, Speaker-emulated Line Out

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The Marshall DSL-1H 1W tube guitar amp head is part of Marshall' 50th Anniversary celebration. Even though there were several popular Marshalls in the ˜90s, the JCM2000 DSL100 Dual Super Lead became a truly iconic tone of the decade. Critics hailed it as œthe ultimate Marshall as it straddled past and present so well. The DSL-1H' dual footswitchable channels pay tonal tribute to that great amp. Featuring Classic Gain and Ultra Gain options with switches for Deep and Tone Shift for further sonic flexibility, just like the original. An output with speaker emulation, FX loop and Low Power (0.1W) switch add even more flexibility.

Model: DSL1HR
Manufacturer: Marshall

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