[email protected] / [email protected] 3-channel preamp MONO (Solid State / Tube / Vintage) with a vast array of virt

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The BASS MULTIAMP S is dedicated to all the bassists who like to play in stereo mode, like our top-artists Jeff Berlin, Alain Caron, Richard Bona, Michael Manring. The BASS MULTIAMP S can be used for stereo applications with [email protected] of power for each channel ([email protected]) with bi- amp option, or mono bridge mode with a power of [email protected]! Like the mono version, bassist have a wide range of virtual bass amps, both modern and vintage, speaker cabs and microphones, studio and stompbox effects, and powerful amps... in a practical rack mountable unit! The BASS MULTIAMP S features a very easy to use interface like the guitar Multiamp. More than 300 factory presets: 105 for LIVE MONO, 105 for LIVE STEREO and 105 for P.A. banks! It is also equipped with an electronic crossover which allows you to play in bi-amp mode, splitting the frequencies in two dedicated channels (bass frequencies channnel and treble/midrange frequencies channel).

Manufacturer: Markbass
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