Animals Car Crush Chorus & Vibrato

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There was a psychedelic sound born in the chaotic world of the late 60s. That sound has been supported by a unique modulation effects pedal from Japan.


It’s a waving, quivering sort of sound. The heavy tones revolve around while jolting quickly. The sounds coming from this mysterious box that most people at the time didn’t even know the name of are further deifying the sounds of left-handed guitarists that are even now regarded as gods.


Uni-Vibe. That was what this device was called. Artists throughout the world are still trying to get their hands on the original model.


The Animals Pedal Car Crush Chorus / Vibe is a Chorus / Vibrato pedal for making that vintage modulation sound simple.


If you combine it with a classical distortion effect you can recreate the enthusiasm of the late 60s. Unlike the expensive, hard-to-find original model, it’s compact, simple, easy to use, and can be easily carried around so you can enjoy that “vibe sound.”


It’s not limited to classic tones. For example, if you combine it with an expansive dreamy reverb type effect or something like that, you can create a new sound.

It’s a compact pedal with just 3 control knobs and toggle switches. Experience the sound I’m talking about.



DEPTH: Adjusts the depth of the vibration.

RATE: Adjusts the speed of the vibration.

COLOR: Makes fine adjustments to the frequency response to control the sound.

CHORUS-VIBE: Chooses a chorus and vibe effect.


The Car Crush Chorus / Vibe uses a true bypass switch, and is powered by 9V battery or a standard DC9V center minus power adapter.


Power consumption: 5.5mA


Input Impedance: 500k


Output Impedance: 10k

Manufacturer: Animals Pedals

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