Animals I Was A Wolf Distortion

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A Wolf in the Forest is many things just like this Animals Pedal's creation. Aggressive like a large black stack in the night, or stealthy just like a predator ready to pounce when the volume is wound down. The Wolf's howl is variable as well and can be subtly adjusted via the tone pot or via its hidden presence and bass trim pots that are deep in the belly of the beast, unlike many wolves this Wolf is decidedly British sounding.

This howling beast does anything from a really nice clean boost up to growling menacing high gain!

  • Drive, Tone and Volume controls
  • Internal trim pots to adjust Presence and Bass
  • True bypass
  • 9V battery or standard 9VDC negative tip adaptor
  • Current draw 6mA
  • Input impedance 500K ohms
  • Output impedance 10K ohms
  • Designed in Japan
  • Artwork by Jonas Claesson

Manufacturer: Animals Pedals

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