Bacchus JRP-SB-1 Japanese Red Pine | Surf Breaker | Old Worn Charcoal

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Since March to October of 2017, Deviser had been developing an electric guitar using Japanese red pine, the official city wood of Matsumoto city. The red pine trees that inhabits in the large area of the mountains that surrounds the city have been suffering damage caused by pine weevils for many years. Deviser started the project to utilize such red pine trees that are forced to be cut down for their electric guitars.

Based on the prototype of SURF-BREAKER JRP completed in October of 2017, SB-1 has the specs optimized for production model. The first batch of SB-1 is panned to be launched in the Summer of 2018. Available in the 3 transparent color options.

Model: JRP-SB-1-OWC
Manufacturer: Deviser Guitars

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