Bacchus Woodline Jazz Burner | Natural w/ Gig Bag

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BACCHUS HANDMADE series "WOODLINE" The performance model of "Passive Base" "WL4DX - ASH / M" pursuing cost performance without change in appearance · looks appeared Limited model. Burner treatment is applied to the body's ash wood, and the powerful appearance that the grain of Ash stands out is impressive one more. We have a lineup of 8 colors to make use of that grain, you can choose your favorite color. The slim and easy-to-hold body shape gives a fearless impression coupled with the block position of the fingerboard and the pearl binding. Ash body's wide range sound is not a genre, it is a straight sound with good handling for players. By pulling up the tone knob, "Turbo switch" is turned ON, making a thick sound as a pseudo humbucking PU is also possible by connecting two single PU series.

Model: WL4DX-A-NA-BN
Manufacturer: Deviser Guitars

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