Bacchus Woodline Jazz Hollow | CHG with Rosewood Fingerboard

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From the Bacchus CRAFT Series which realized the extreme cost performance by the built-in booth designed independently from the custom line, a new product "Holly Body" adopted "WL4DX-ASH HOLLOW" has appeared. The slim and easy-to-hold body shape that inherited the handmade series "WOODLINE", which is the top model, and the empty hole at the top were finished in an impressive one. Ash body model of the hollow structure, sound of loud noise is large, distinctive outline sound is distinctive. By pulling up the tone knob, "Turbo switch" is turned ON, making a thick sound as a pseudo humbucking PU is also possible by connecting two single PU series. The structure of the body leaves the center and both sides (wing) are hollows.

Model: WL4DX-A-H-CHG
Manufacturer: Deviser Guitars

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