Dunlop Tortex Flex Jazz III Players Pack, 12pcs

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Dunlop guitar picks are a top choice of today's pro musician! Dunlop's wide variety of gauges, shapes, sizes, and materials allows the player to select the exact pick for his/her own particular style of playing. From jazz to country to metal, every great player knows that their pick is an integral part of their tone, and Dunlop guitar picks are the picks that more pros rely on in the studio and onstage.

  • Tortex memory and durability, with warmth and flexibility comparable to nylon
  • Jazz III tip offers superior picking precision and speed
  • XL shape provides a larger grip surface
  • Shape: Jazz XL
  • Gauge: 1.0mm
  • Quantity: 12

Model: 466P100
Manufacturer: Dunlop

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