Markbass Little Mark Vintage D2 | 500w Tube PreAmp MPT Bass Power Amp

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LITTLE MARK VINTAGE D2 offers different features than LITTLE MARK VINTAGE. It was designed to satisfy other requirements coming from bass players such as SEMI-PARAMETRIC EQ to offer a wider range of tone options, BOOST with level control and ON/OFF switch for LIMITER, in addition to the warm TUBE preamp, the BALANCED DI OUT with real transformer and gold plated circuits with highly selected components of its VINTAGE sister. Also this one is part of the Gold Series, a state of the art lineup offering superior quality, recognizable by its catching look marking a new era at Markbass! > Tube Preamp LITTLE MARK VINTAGE D2 features a Tube Preamp, to get rich and warm tone full of harmonics. > New EQ setting with semi-parametric EQ / 2-WAY Switch LOW and HIGH fixed-frequency controls and two semi-parametric controls of LITTLE MARK VINTAGE D2 allow you to tailor your bass sound to perfection, choosing the frequencies in the mid-low and mid-high ranges that you want to boost or cut. These features are very practical and useful when you have to compensate for bad venue acoustics, optimize your place in the mix, or reduce feedback from acoustic bass guitar or double bass, plus a 2-WAY switch with two useful EQ preset options to quickly get a real FLAT setting or an OLD one with a scooped High for old vintage style tone. > Boost The BOOST control allows you to boost your signal level by up to +12 dB, to instantly give you more clean headroom whenever you need it. The BOOST can be turned ON/OFF thanks to the optional Dual Footswitch which is very handy to help you stand out when taking a solo. > Limiter ON/OFF switch This switch offers a modern reaction of the dynamic limiter when you set it ON, or an old generation behavior with its typical distortion when putting it OFF.

Manufacturer: Markbass

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