Momose MC1 Custom Japanese Wood Kurogaki

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Kurogaki: Body top adopts Japanese precious trees "black persimmon". It is said that a pattern like ink painting has been fascinated by many people from common people to public houses and samurai families since ancient Japan. Those called "black persimmon" are said to appear in one in tens of thousands of persimmon trees, and because of its rarity and beauty, it is used for what is located at the highest level among all craft items " It is also a rare timber with a high calling voice.

Kaede × Kurogaki: Adopted maple wood for the neck, we adopted Japanese precious trees "black persimmon" on the fingerboard. It is a model of high scarcity value matched with beautiful black persimmon seeds with a black striped pattern, with a dark reddish brown shell material packed with eye. Please try the premium model using Japanese materials by all means.

Manufacturer: Deviser Guitars

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