Oasis Warm Low G Ukulele Strings

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All round wound strings are subject to “string squeak”. Some players can control this effect better than others. If you are interested in dramatically reducing string squeak, Oasis has developed a smooth wound Low G string made from a nylon core and with a semi-flat wound phosphor bronze wrap wire. Unlike a flat wound string, which is made from flat wire, the semi-flat wound string starts as round wound and is then compressed. Sometimes this is referred to as roller wound. Smooth wound low G strings are available either as an individual string UKE-4SB (.031”) or UKE-4SW (.033”) or as part of a 4 string double set (UKE-8001SB Bright) or (UKE-8101SW warm) The low G smooth wound 4th string will give your ukulele a beautiful mellow tone with minimal or no string squeak. Like the regular low G sets, the two new sets have the same first three 63” strings and two of the 40” warm or bright smooth wound low G strings.

Model: UKE8101SWLOWG
Manufacturer: Oasis
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