USED Ovation CC24SI with iDEA pre-amp, gloss black

USED Ovation CC24SI with iDEA pre-amp, gloss black
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Gently used Ovation Celebrity CC24si with iDEA pre-amp

Guitar is in great condition but has one small ding on the top

The Celebrity Deluxe CC24Si comes equipped with an iDea preamp and also features a solid spruce top, lightweight bracing, exotic hardwood epaulets and Ovation's own Slimline pickup with six individual sensors - one for each string. The Ovation iDea is the first and only guitar of its kind, featuring a built-in MP3 recorder/player. A digital recorder is part of the on-board Ovation preamp. A simple and direct recording control makes it easy to record entire songs or fragments, even vocals and commentary. The iDea is also a learning tool, with audio lessons pre-installed in the memory. Additional lessons from iDea educational partner, Workshop Live, are available via download from www.OvationiDea. Downloading files from a computer or the internet is easy via USB. Files in the iDea can be moved, renamed, deleted and rearranged right on the computer desktop. Mixes from recording software, rhythm tracks, even songs the player wants to learn can be downloaded and played either through the guitar output or headphones. Several Jam Tracks are also pre-installed in the instrument, and others are available online.

Model: CC24SI-U
Manufacturer: Ovation

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