Beethoven: Eleven Bagatelles, Opus 119 for the Piano [Piano]

Beethoven: Eleven Bagatelles, Opus 119 for the Piano [Piano]
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Beethoven valued these pieces highly and wrote in a letter to his pupil Ferdinand Ries that the first six pieces belonged together and the last five together. Editor Willard A. Palmer provides excellent background information on Beethoven and the origin of the "Bagatelles." Based on his careful study of Beethoven's letters and other historical references, Palmer gives pianists detailed performance tips on the use of legato, staccato, the slur, ornamentation, pedaling and rubato. Editorial fingerings and articulation are printed in light gray to distinguish them from those found in Beethoven's original manuscripts making this Alfred edition suitable for students and teachers alike.

Table of Contents:

Publisher: Alfred Publishing
Composer: Ludwig van Beethoven
Arranger: Willard A. Palmer
Pages: 32

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