Vater Power 5B Wood Tip

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"Vater drumsticks...why!? Well, since the family has been at it for over 50 years, they have a damn good idea about what works, and what doesn't! No B.S., just great sticks! The Power 5B model has the perfect balance of weight, length, and strength for how I play...I can't recommend it enough!" - Atom Willard [Against Me!]

“Vater Power 5B: Sturdy, dependable, perfect. Why would I use anything else?” - Jason Pierce [Our Lady Peace]

"No matter how hard I play, the Vater nylon tips won't break or fly off. It's nice to be confident in sticks that they won't break apart right away. Vater sticks are the most durable and consistent I've used!" - Branden Steineckert [Rancid]

Model: VHP5BW
Manufacturer: Vater

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